Galerie Forsblom merges with Lars Bohman Gallery

Jan Hansen and Kaj Forsblom
Photo: Thomas Engström

Stockholm´s Lars Bohman Gallery and Galerie Forsblom of Helsinki are merging to become the largest contemporary art gallery in the Nordic region.


“This is a great opportunity for our artists to widen their audiences, and for our collectors to be introduced to great new talents”, says Jan Hansen at Lars Bohman Gallery.


“Stockholm is a great international hub at the heart of the Nordic region”, says Kaj Forsblom of Galerie Forsblom. “The Swedish art audience is very discerning and informed. We look forward to bringing them the benefits of our international network”.


The two galleries, which are the most influential in their respective countries, represent some of the most prominent Finnish and Swedish artists as well as a number of international artists in the Nordic region. Both galleries offer vast skylight exhibition spaces in the downtown areas.


2017 is a milestone year for both galleries: Galerie Forsblom will be 40 and Lars Bohman Gallery is not far behind with 35 years of existence. Their exhibitions over the years have included both international rising stars and more established names such as Ai Weiwei, Louise Bourgeois, Peter Halley, Jacob Hashimoto, Secundino Hernández, Chantal Joffe, Yayoi Kusama, Jonathan Lasker, Bjarne Melgaard, Tony Oursler, Donald Sultan, Joel Shapiro and Not Vital among others.


The galleries have been collaborating in the past showing the same artists, including Donald Baechler, Stephan Balkenhol, Lena Cronqvist, Linn Fernström, Peter Frie, Jussi Niva and Marianna Uutinen.


The gallery in Stockholm will open as Bohman Forsblom Gallery in January 2017.

Galerie Forsblom in Helsinki will continue under its current name.