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Kaarlo Stauffer - Artists -

Photo: Sampo Muranen

Kaarlo Stauffer’s (b.1988) style has been described as static expressionism, a term that expressively summarizes his ability to simultaneously paint with great precision and generous abandon. The ostensibly carefree brushwork belies a highly gifted draughtsman who is able to capture a dynamic sense of movement with a few cleverly placed strokes of the brush. The rich brushwork and intriguing details ensnare the viewer in an immersive experience.


Stauffer composes his paintings like a collage, extracting random details from a nonstop visual stream and linking them in surprising combinations. The events, people and animals he transplants in his paintings disrupt the harmony of the scene, while also stirring up surprising mental associations. Although the compositions seem like an arbitrary concoction of haphazard elements, his paintings have powerful autobiographical content reflecting goings-on in the world around the artist.

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