Pekka Nevalainen biography

photo: Pekka Nevalainen

Born in Tyrvää 1951 | Lives and works in Kisko and Espoo



An unconventional maverick on the Finnish art scene, Pekka Nevalainen debuted in the 1970s and was among the first Finnish artists to begin using recycled and discarded materials in his art. He was also among the first to stage his installations at alternative venues. Nevalainen’s paintings cast an ironically nostalgic glimpse at the recent history of modernism. His abstract works subvert modernist conventions by flagrantly incorporating words and ornamentation.  He paints on recycled materials, the form and texture of his works being dictated by the physical features of old doors and other dumpster-dived objects.


Today Nevalainen works across a broad spectrum of genres from painting and sculpture to graphic art. He has also taken part actively as a member of Finnish happening and performance groups. His works are represented in the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and the Helsinki Art Museum HAM.