Press Release

Galerie Forsblom April 7 – April 29, 2017

Opening with the artist in attendance, April 6 2017, 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm



Eklektika is an exhibition paying homage to tradition. Carolus Enckell’s (b. 1945) installations and gouache paintings explore form, color and light through the lens of various historical theories. Among the featured works is a series of gouache paintings interpreting Johannes Itten’s color theory, for example, as well as installations emulating the Pythagorean Golden Ratio, all reflecting the artist’s keen interest in philosophy. Enckell regards color and form as a universal language of artistic expression, in which geometrical shapes endow the artwork with character, while color, in turn, infuses it with a particular spirit.


The title, Eklektika, derives from the Greek word eklektikós, meaning selective. Eclecticism in art and philosophy is a synergistic approach that selectively combines the best ideas from many worlds rather than adhering to any specific paradigm. With the advent of modernism in art, eclecticism often came to be equated with lack of originality, but in Enckell’s case, drawing from an existing wellspring of paradigms is a key catalyst for his creative process. For Enckell, eclecticism is a bottomless pool from which he endlessly draws new ideas and inspiration. His paintings are packed with allusions to various traditions, from the shade of red favored by the Renaissance masters, to oriental symbolism and the forms and colors celebrated by the pioneering constructivists. The key element in all his works, however, is the palette – Enckell invites us to experience the sensual intensity of colors at their very purest.


Enckell ranks among Finland’s leading modern artists. He has received numerous awards, including the Pro Finlandia Medal in 2009. He is also recognized for his contribution as a noted writer and educator. He has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Finland and internationally since the 1960s. A wide sample of his work is found in various Nordic art museums and in numerous private collections. The artist lives and works in Karjaa and Helsinki.