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Matthias van Arkel: Light Situations
August 31–September 2, 2018
Booth 22


Galerie Forsblom is pleased to participate in CHART 2018, with works by Matthias van Arkel.


Specifically for Chart, Matthias van Arkel has created a new serie­s of works, where the different colors are defined by the shifting light. From bright to shadow, the light of the colors is emphasized and deepened, until it gradually fades out and transcend into another situation.


Using silicone rubber as his medium van Arkel creates a three-dimensional surface where colors and strokes build up the image without a canvas or any supporting structure. This unique technique enables him to study the essence of painting, in an unprecedented way. Matthias van Arkel (b. 1967) is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm and New York.




Premiere of the film HEAVY at Chart Art Fair Film, 2018


HEAVY is the semi-documentary directed by Theo Bat Schandorff, about the artist Toni R. Toivonen’s life and work. The film shows Toivonen’s extreme artistic process and makes us question what is reality and what is fiction. Toivonen's gold-hued brass works depict dead animals leaving their presence on the board of brass and in the artwork. The rotting process is physical and grotesque, but the trace creates an aesthetic image that is peaceful and dignified.

In conjunction with the screening of the film, two new works by Toivonen (b. 1987) are exhibited at the first floor foyer at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. The film is shown daily during the opening hours from Friday at 16.00. > Read more 



For more information and images, please contact

Sara Berner Bengtsson
+46 73 340 73 56


Kunsthal Charlottenborg,
Nyhavn 2 - 1051, Copenhagen, Denmark


Opening hours:
Friday 31 August, 4–8 PM
Saturday 1 September, 12–6 PM
Sunday 2 September, 12–6 PM

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