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Chart Art Fair

August 25–28, 2022

Emma Helle

Emma Helle

Nothing of Him That Doth Fade, 2022

Glazed and gilded stoneware

55 x 42 x 38 cm / 22x 17 x 15 in


Press Release

Galerie Forsblom at CHART ART FAIR 2022
August 25–28, 2022


Galerie Forsblom is delighted to have the opportunity to take part in CHART 2022.


This year our gallery is spotlighting three Finnish artists: Emma Helle, Kaarina Kaikkonen and Eeva Peura. All three represent different media – Helle ceramics, Kaikkonen textile art and Peura painting. Their featured works cover a diverse spectrum, yet there are visible synergies and kinships between them, such boundless curiosity in exploring what it means to be human, whether through the lens of history, social practice or fantasy.


For further information and images:
Ilkka Tikkanen,

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