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photo: Jussi Tiainen

Born in Helsinki, 1945–2017 | Lived and worked in Helsinki


Carolus Enckell was a leading proponent of Finnish modern art and was established in the Nordic art scene. He described his approach as "pure experiential seeing," meaning that his work is not intended to be deciphered or understood through the lens of acquired symbolic codes of interpretation, but instead it is meant to be felt and experienced with the senses. Enckell insisted that it is only through experience that we can comprehend the true nature of color. His art foregrounds the very essence of what painting is all about.


Enckell received numerous awards, including the Pro Finlandia Medal in 2009. He was also recognized for his contribution as a noted writer and educator. He took part in numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Finland and internationally since the 1960s. A wide sample of his work is found in various Nordic art museums and numerous private collections. Enckell was awarded the Carnegie Art Award in 2001.


Galerie Forsblom has been representing Carolus Enckell since 2008.

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