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Born in Italy 1986 | Lives and works in Paris and Milan.


Gioele Amaro defines himself as a digital painter who works with pixels instead of a paintbrush. His digital compositions printed on canvas push the boundaries of what is traditionally conceived as a ‘painting’. His art emanates from the virtual world, entering reality as a physical object that challenges the very notion of what a painting is supposed to be. His digital paintings straddle a domain between the real and virtual worlds, a borderland where time and space are in constant flux. Beyond this intermingling of the real and the virtual, the interesting thing about his art is its citational complexity, featuring forms and allusions that connect his oeuvre with the continuum of art history.


Gioele Amaro is an Italian artist who studied at La Villette in Paris and at the University of Art and Architecture Mediterranea in Reggio Calabria, Italy. Amaro has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe and China. 

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