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Born in Kalmar in 1979 I Lives and works in Stockholm.


Standing in front of Hans Andersson´s works you could experience them as a somewhat chaotic, disordered set of fragments. And yet, it would probably be more true to say that what appears to be chaotic or messy should be perceived and defined as belonging to a specific kind of order. Small shifts at the beginning of a process generate more drastic changes at a later stage and the seemingly arbitrary emplacement of the fragments often found materials, create the illusion of space in the paintings. The supposedly haphazard placement and seemingly nonchalant treatment of the materials, running liquids, dirt, and dust are the outcomes of a contemplative, improvisational working process. When the fragments appear to center on a pattern it is as if a different structure aims to break out of this attempt to order. This inherent conflict and the movement between establishment and counteraction are significant to the dynamics of the works. Andersson’s process is sensitive towards the inherent quality of the materials where the outlandish is present in the familiar and where introspection points beyond the self.


Hans Andersson graduated from Konstfack - University College of Arts, Craft, and Design in 2005. He has received several awards and grants such as Helge Ax: son Johnson Foundation and the Arts Grants Committee working grant. He has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows. His works are represented in several collections such as the Malmö Art Museum, Malmö, and the Swedish Association for Art.



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