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Jarl Ingvarsson - Artists -

photo: Mattias Lindbäck

Born in Asmara, Eritrea, 1955 I Lives and works in Sparsör, Sweden.


Constantly courageous, Jarl Ingvarsson does not fear to seek out new ventures in his artistry. And yet there is always something immediately recognizable in his works. Not least is this due to his sure instincts regarding tinctures and hues. He has a perfect ear for color. In his paintings, one can sense the dissonant chords of improvisational jazz or the mind-expanding detonations of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. But there is also a low-key lyrical sensitivity where Ingvarsson moves from inner territories to surrounding spaces, from figurative expressionism to abstraction. His subjects range from a personal sphere of everyday life, depicting simple objects such as a stool, a flower arrangement, or maybe even a character from a comic album. There are also more solemn subject matters derived from biblical content – all rendered in a fierce yet pensive style.


Jarl Ingvarsson studied at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, 1978–1983. Since his debut in 1983, his works have been exhibited extensively in museums and galleries. Ingvarsson’s works are represented in numerous collections such as the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Borås Art Museum, Gothenburg Museum of Art, Malmö Art Museum, Norrköping Art Museum, and in private collections. Ingvarsson has been a member of the Royal Academy of Art since 1996 and in 2018 he received the Prins Eugen Medal for his prominent artistic achievement. 


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