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Johanna Ehrnrooth - Artists -

Born in Helsinki, 1958-2020 | Lived and worked in Helsinki


Observation-related issues are one of the central themes in Johanna Ehrnrooth’s art. Reflections of mirrors and glass that form multi-dimensional pictures are the artist’s starting point, but her earlier mirror compositions have given way to works comprised of separate picture panels. In the cryptic picture fragments of the new screen panels, the same subject can be seen from different angles, while the works themselves can also be approached from different sides and angles.


Ehrnrooth studied at École Nationale supérieure des beaux-arts and made her debut in Paris in 1982 and in Helsinki in 1993. Ehrnrooth achieved notoriety with her sensual interior images, painted with tempera and pastel colors. Since switching to oil colors, the artist's palette has become brighter and achieved greater depth. Her works’ organic forms, draperies, and thick contours brought classic charm to the paintings. The paintings juxtapose the ornamentation of Art Nouveau masters with the dynamism of ancient sculpture. Ehrnrooth’s works can be found in all of the important public and private collections in Finland.


Galerie Forsblom has been representing Johanna Ehrnrooth since 2006.

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