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Li Gang - Artists -

photo: Angel Gil

The young Chinese artist Li Gang (b. 1986) is always looking for new ways of presenting familiar environments in a fresh, surprising light. He is fascinated with the process of combining disparate elements and invoking a dynamic of uncertainty between them. The inherent tension built into his art is born from contrasts between opposing materials: the synthetic and the organic, the mundane and the sublime. By combining a variety of media, the artist keeps his work in a constant state of flux, which forms an overarching theme in his oeuvre.


Originally trained as an oil painter, Li Gang’s highly inventive works occupy a borderland somewhere between painting, sculpture, and installation. Not wanting to define his place or role within any artistic legacy or existing tradition, Li Gang uses art as a vehicle for conveying his unique and personal responses to his environment.


Li Gang’s work has been exhibited widely around the world at venues such as Art Basel Miami Beach, the Moscow Biennial, and the Fondation Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris. The artist lives and works in Beijing.

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