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Linn Fernström - Artists -

photo: Pontus Höök

Born in Örebro, Sweden 1974 | Lives and works in Stockholm, and New York, USA


Linn Fernström's large oil paintings and drawings are magically realistic. Existing somewhere between dream and reality, the definitions of time and place become obscure. Her realistically depicted human and animal shapes melt into the seemingly idyllic scenes, creating a feeling of conflict. The works are neither frightening nor do they seem entirely safe. Fernström's expression is largely defined by intuition where the subconscious is transformed through brushstrokes and pencils onto the canvas.


Fernström graduated from The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and debuted in 1999, after which she has held numerous solo exhibitions in Sweden. In addition, she has taken part in several international group exhibitions in e.g. China and Italy. Fernström's works are in many prestigious collections including Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Malmö Art Museum, Linköping Art Museum, and Bonniers, as well as in several private collections. 


Galerie Forsblom has been representing Linn Fernström since 2008.

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