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Matthias van Arkel - Artists -

Matthias van Arkel (b. 1967) is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm and New York. Using silicon rubber as his medium van Arkel creates a three-dimensional surface where bare colors and strokes build up the image without a canvas or any supporting structure. This unique technical approach enables him to study the essence of painting as a space and a gesture, in an unprecedented way. There is no border where the creative act meets the physical substance; in van Arkel’s works, they become one.


Van Arkel has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Sweden, as well as internationally, both in Europe and in the US. He is represented in several public collections, among them Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Borås Art Museum, Borås, and the Public Art Agency, Sweden. His public commissions include Värta Terminalen, Stockholm, Sweden, Jakobsbergs Bus Terminal, Stockholm, Sweden and the Atlantic Plumbing Building, Washington, USA.


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