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Born 1978 | Lives and works in Hamburg.


Form, space and movement are central to the work of the German artist Simon Hemmer, whose exhibition marks his debut in Finland. Hemmer’s absurd topographies, mosaics and tapestries unfold as tangles of geometric and organic patterns that morph into waves, staircases, vortexes and grids. Abstracted in the extreme, his picture planes are compressed to the fullest, forming vibrant, jagged-edged patterns of intricate detail, with every fragment finding its place in rhythmic synergy.


Hemmer’s style pays tribute to avant-garde movements, notably Cubism, with Futurist elements thrown into the mix. Many of Hemmer’s artworks echo Cubism’s typical treatment of form and perspective: abandoning the illusion of depth, the flattened picture plane ripples and pulsates purely on the surface of the canvas. Hemmer’s colored pencil drawings also capture a sense of speed and dynamic movement that is reminiscent of the work of the Futurists.


Simon Hemmer studied at the Düsseldorf Art Academy under Professor Albert Oehlen. He received the Royal Award for Modern Painting Prize in the Netherlands in 2007. Hemmer has widely exhibited across Europe. 

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