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Susanne Gottberg - Artists -

photo: Jussi Tiainen

Born in Ekenäs, Finland 1964 | Lives and works in Helsinki


 Susanne Gottberg’s paintings take us on a meditative journey into a complex dominion of sensory impressions and emotional states. Her art travels non-linear paths into spatially born dimensions of reality that waver somewhere between abstraction and representation. Her paintings possess a multidimensional spatiality that acts as a mirror, throwing back the viewer’s reflection, yet the world in which her art resides is within the hermetic reality of the painting. Her art builds bridges between painted space and the surrounding physical space, yet the space paradoxically exists only upon the painted surface.


Susanne Gottberg graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1989 and held her debut exhibition in Helsinki that same year. She received the Finnish Art Society’s Ducat Prize in 1991 and was elected Young Artists of the Year in 1994. Gottberg’s works can be found in a number of major Finnish public and private collections.


Galerie Forsblom has been representing Susanne Gottberg since 1989.

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