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Born in Tampere, Finland 1986  | Lives and works in Tampere, Finland

Viljami Heinonen constructs his paintings layer upon layer, building synergy between the structural elements. Dynamic tension is born through juxtapositions of conflict and harmony. Rather than seeking tranquil composure, Heinonen consciously invites friction and imperfection. His paintings are intriguing not for their pleasing harmonies but for their flaws and emotional extremity. His abstract style of expression occasionally slips into the figurative, opening windows for free association. With his expressive brushwork, Heinonen infuses his paintings with a powerful emotional poignancy. His brushwork pays tribute to art history, yet his style inhabits its realm dissociated from history.


Heinonen graduated from Kankaanpää Art School in 2012. He has held solo gallery exhibitions, including Helsinki’s Forum Box and Makasiini Contemporary in Turku. He has participated in group exhibitions at the Pori Art Museum and Rovaniemi Art Museum. His work is represented in collections including the Helsinki Art Museum HAM, the Saastamoinen Foundation, the Pori Art Museum, the Wihuri Art Foundation, and the State Art Deposit Collection. 

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