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Ville Kylätasku - Artists -

Born in Tampere, Finland, 1979 I Lives and works in Berlin

Ville Kylätasku explores existential themes both on the level of the reality we see and experience and within the context of perceptual psychology. Painted on foggy sheets of hi-tech PVC, the paintings evince the artist’s fascination for different materials and processes. The cloudiness of the plastic endows the paintings with a sense of weightlessness evoking a mindscape. Kylätasku applies the paint on the reverse side, trapping it beneath a haze of plastic. Both physically and temporally, the normal order of the painting process and the viewing experience is flipped back to front: the very first brushstrokes applied to the canvas shown in the foreground closest to the viewer.


Ville Kylätasku studied fashion and Fine Arts at Lahti University of Applied Sciences. Kylätasku’s work is represented in collections including the Artists’ Association of Finland and the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art as well as numerous private collections internationally.

Galerie Forsblom has been representing Ville Kylätasku since 2016.

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