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An announcement of representation: Nicklas Randau

Nicklas Randau
The Pillow under the Dream, 2019
Oil on canvas, 45 x 55 cm


Nicklas Randau works with abstract painting that inspires contemplation and reflection. In his works, the oil paint is of fundamental significance with its inherent characteristics – it takes time for the paint to dry, and thus the painting stays alive. Randau uses tools such as a squeegee or works directly with his hands to push the paint across the canvas. This bodily contact creates both a physical and mental presence in the painting. Throughout the creative process, he works during long periods and enters a state of mind in which he becomes one with the piece. The paintings embody a form of compressed or dissolved time and space. Randau has previously exhibited in the Studio at Galerie Forsblom Stockholm during spring 2018.


Randau was born in 1989 in Kristianstad and is based in Stockholm and in Malmö, Sweden.