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Congratulations to Jenny Carlsson Grip who received the Åke Andrén scholarship!

Jenny Carlsson Grip

Congratulations to Jenny Carlsson Grip, who received the Åke Andrén scholarship!
The scholarship is Sweden's most significant art prize for young artists. 


The motivation of the jury: Jenny Carlsson Grip was born and raised on a farm that belonged to her family for generations. There was no opportunity to forget where we come from and where we are going. Her paintings are like powerful sods in the earth where growing and decaying meet in powerful embraces, in the same way that light meets darkness, seasons replace each other, and weather and wind account for the movement. Although painting never perished, it was practiced for a long time with skepticism and irony, like an unreliable friend in the studio. In the world in which Jenny Carlsson Grip grew up, there was no place for this doubt and irony. Brushes saturated with color meet unyielding nature on equal terms in her intensely expressive and grandiose painting."