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Jenni Rope at The Turku Art Museum

February 3–March 26, 2023

Jenni Rope, Untitled.

Turku Art Museum's Studio
Round Possibilities
February 2–March 26, 2023


'Round Possibilites' plays with organic shapes and the spatial dimension of paintings. The irregularly shaped paintings, mobile sculptures, video, and sound work together to create different ways of interpreting and understanding the multisensory interaction between the different elements. The layeredness repeats in the brush strokes and in the scenery created by the artwork and the space. The artwork invites you to move around, stop and experience the space from multiple angles. Instead of being a passive spectator, you can feel like an active participant in the installation. While resting on the foam plastic seating, you can also indulge in this collective play through the titles. The titles are based on different recognizable sensations and observations, and they add their own delicious and fantastical layer to the scenery.