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Jenny Carlsson's exhibition at Fabriken Bästekille

Jenny Carlsson

Nära marken (Hässja), 2020

Oil on linen

210 x 185 cm/ 82.68 x 72.83 inches

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Jenny Carlsson's exhibition "Himmel lätt och tung som bly" at Fabriken Bästekille, Kivik, Sweden, from June 27 to November 11, 2020.

Using paint the way a farmer works the earth, it is clear that she comes from a context in which people are used to employing their eyes and hands in determining soil humidity, weather shifts and the right times for sowing and harvesting. Like the farmer, Carlsson ploughs, harrows and fertilises; with the same energy and sensitivity – while avoiding excessive sentiment – she cultivates her paints and canvasses into mature works of art. She also, though, gives a nod to painters of the past, such as the old master Peder Balke with his splashes and flecks of paint, as well as to Marcus Larsson’s intricate glazing, and her stacks of hay and straw bring, perhaps, Van Gogh to mind.
- Johan Petterson, Curator