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Riku Mäkinen - 艺术家 -

photo: Angel Gil

Born in Hyvinkää, Finland 1974 | Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland


Riku Mäkinen’s collages look as if they were in perpetual motion: his geometrical silk paper cutouts crisscross and interlock as if constantly searching for a comfortable spot on the aluminum surface. Working layer by layer, he deliberately leaves scratches and torn strips of paper on the surface of the aluminum. Despite their constructivistic appearance, his works are fundamentally expressive, his choice of forms and colors being emotion-driven.


Originally a graphic artist, Mäkinen has developed his signature technique by adapting printmaking methods. The paper cut-outs in his collages are printed in tones self-mixed by the artist. The cut-outs glued on the metal plate and the lively varnished surface together create a painterly effect. As in all printmaking, chance plays a big role in the final result.


In addition to studying in the master’s program at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Mäkinen also studied sculpture and media art at the Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts. He has been a visiting lecturer at many Finnish art schools, and his work is found in collections including the Finnish State Art Commission and the Sara Hildén Art Museum.