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Studio: Lode Kuylenstierna: Life Support
Galerie Forsblom Stockholm, November 10–December 22, 2017
Opening with the artist, Thursday November 9, 5–7pm


Lode Kuylenstierna (b. 1983) works in a multidisciplinary manner in mediums such as sculpture and film. With a strong interest in the contemporary human identity created in the intercept of the digital and the physical world, Kuylenstierna reflects on concepts such as truth and reality. Being a twin, the state of twin hood is an important source of inspiration, interrogating the dichotomized question of the human existence as a product of nature or nurture.


The sculptural works in the exhibition, resemble body shapes with their cutaneous materials and textures. The amorphous forms are made of latex and human hair, attached and jointed together with thick thread and palpable stiches. The corporality is substantial and physical and evokes feelings like discomfort, but also tenderness and curiosity. The exhibition title, Life Support, refers to a medical term and to physically maintain something, but at the same time it is reminder of the vulnerability and vitality of man.


Kuylenstierna graduated from the Master Programme in Fine Arts at the Royal Institute of Arts, Stockholm, 2017, and he received recognition for his graduation work Homo digitalis. He is educated in film production and has participated in several international film festivals, for example the Krakow Film Festival, with his film Homo Sacer. He is currently included in the group exhibition The Invisible Body at Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum, Stockholm. This is his first exhibition at Galerie Forsblom.