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Pistine death, macondo 252! marine snow

Ines Sederholm
pistine death
macondo 252!
marine snow, 2018
Spray paint on mdf
117h x 77.50w cm / 46.06h x 30.51w inches

Ines Sederholm

unexplored universe
jelly attack!, 2018

Framed: 117h x 77.50w cm / 46.06h x 30.51w inches


Ines Sederholm 

plastic maelstrom
dancing, gliding
out of mind, 2018

117h x 77.50w cm / 46.06h x 30.51w inches


Ines Sederholm 

an earthy vault
holding breath
tempofrost, 2018

117h x 77.50w cm / 46.06h x 30.51w inches


Ines Sederholm 

lure movement
tick tock, 2018

117h x 77.50w cm / 46.06h x 30.51w inches


Ines Sederholm

stench of decay
coral starvation
plastic infections, 2018

117h x 77.50w cm
46.06h x 30.51w in



Studio: Ines Sederholm: Rising Fever

Galerie Forsblom Stockholm

September 28–October 28, 2018

Opening in presence of the artist, September 27 at 5–7 pm


Ines Sederholm belongs to a younger generation of artists with a background in street art who have become established in the gallery world. Her characteristic style is illustrative with bright colors and bold graphic patterns.


For the exhibition in the studio at Galerie Forsblom, Sederholm’s starting point was the relationship between humankind and the oceans. She illuminates the environmental problems we currently face due to human impact: the warming and acidification of the oceans, coral reef bleaching, plastic pollution and the consequences of deep-sea oil drilling. Her work also comments on the eradication of marine species, food chains and entire ecosystems. 


While the paintings are thematically serious, their execution is playful and detailed, demonstrating Sederholm’s artistic skill. Using spray paint and acrylics, she paints everything by hand. Sharp black lines meander across the surface and a variety of animals with curious eyes appear, as melting ice floes, plastic bottles and garbage are floating in the background. The depicted animals refer to and are specific to particularly sensitive ecosystems. The titles of the paintings are short poems and offer an idea of what the artist wishes to convey and unlock the viewer’s interpretations regarding each piece.


Ines Sederholm is autodidact, born in 1991 in Helsinki, Finland. Her work has been shown in several public spaces, including Park Slope in NYC, US, and the Pasila Railway Station in Helsinki, Finland. She recently exhibited during the Helsinki Design Week, where she transformed Alvar Aaltos’s iconic Stool 60 into a personal work of art. Sederholm is also a co-founder of the Sähinä Cultural Center and is based in Helsinki, Finland. In conjunction with the exhibition five percent of the sales will be donated to foundations preserving the Baltic Sea.