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Hermanni Keko



September 27–October 20, 2019

Hermanni Keko

Cluster, 2019

Oil on Canvas

180 x 150 cm / 70.87 x 59.06 inches


Hermanni Keko

Spatial Squeeze, 2019

Oil and acrylic on canvas

210 x 180 cm / 82.68 x 70.87 inches


Hermanni Keko

Cascade Effect 2, 2019

Oil on Canvas

35 x 33 cm / 13.78 x 12.99 inches


Hermanni Keko

Cascade Effect 5, 2019

Oil on Canvas

50 x 60.50 cm / 19.69 x 23.82 inches


Press Release

Hermanni Keko: (de)centered

Galerie Forsblom September 27–October 20, 2019

Opening with the artist in attendance, September 26, 2019, at 5–7PM


Hermanni Keko (b. 1987) uses abstract form as a vehicle for exploring spatiality and the subtle forces of movement and perspective. His compositions are made up of centrally grouped elements that simultaneously appear to be fleeing from or moving toward the center. Although the initial set-up appears to be static and unchanging, every painting conveys the idea of potential change – something seems to be evolving or taking shape. The forms melt into each other, giving birth to new ones – they stand still, yet at the same time, they are in constant transition and motion.


The ragged edges of the elements in Keko’s compositions are not random – their tattered, frayed look is carefully planned. The artist also pays careful attention to the placement of overlapping forms and the illusion of depth they create. He encloses color fields in clear outlines, just as objects have contours in real-life – matter is trapped within lines. His forms are emblems that vaguely resemble something familiar, but without assuming a clearly recognizable shape. The elements are arranged against a white background which, like the infinite blackness of the cosmos, is a correspondingly endless void.


Hermanni Keko graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design in 2012 and received a Master’s degree in fine arts from Aalto University in 2019. He has held solo exhibitions at TM Gallery in 2018 and he took part in the Young Artist’ Exhibition at Kunsthalle Helsinki in 2019.

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