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Galerie Forsblom is proud to host its first Finnish solo exhibition featuring the Swedish artist Jarl Ingvarsson (b. 1955), whose recent canvases float off the wall in a three-dimensional presence. His paintings are born as a dialogue between the artist and nature, with the artist’s garden serving as a creative catalyst for his painting process.


”The German forester Peter Wohlleben believes that trees talk to one another. I haven’t read his book, but this spring I took one of my paintings outside and placed it under a tree in my garden. I soon noticed how the branches were casting interesting shadows across the canvas that looked like neural networks, lifelines, or the ancient script of some extinct language – or a crushed straw from a Donald Duck cartoon. The elms, maples and berry bushes spoke me to of sun-filled nights and bright blue days. Now that the days have become rainy, it is time to bring the canvases inside and send them to Finland as colorful greetings.” – Jarl Ingvarsson

Typically for Ingvarsson, his works express a dialogue between the artist’s inner world, his personal experiences, public space and everyday reality. His intense works are inspired by synesthetic experiences: the rhythm of his brushwork has a musical quality and an exuberant energy.


Ingvarsson graduated from Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Art in 1983. He is famous in Sweden as a bold, constantly evolving artist whose oeuvre has an intense color sensibility and force of expressivity. His works are represented in Sweden’s most famous collections, including Stockholm’s Moderna Museet, the Gothenburg Art Museum and the Malmö Art Museum.

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