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Jenny Carlsson

Fingrars väsen

April 8–30, 2022

Jenny Carlsson

Jenny Carlsson's exhibition 2022.

Press Release

Jenny Carlsson: Fingrars väsen
Galerie Forsblom 8.4.­– 30.4.2022


Jenny Carlsson’s (b. 1984) paintings have witnessed a transformation during the past year. Her new works are raw and physical, her layers of paint thicker than ever before. Her altered style reflects her new surroundings: Carlsson now lives in the middle of a forest, where she exists in the midst of nature’s cycles, watching the seasons change and inhaling the earth’s fragrances. Her intimate connection with natural imagery has filtered into her paintings, and her style has simultaneously grown more representational. Whip-like branches, tree trunks, and roots lick the sky, slither across the earth, and ensnare us in their clutches. 


Carlsson’s paintings examine space and primordial elemental forces. Nature and color coexist on equal terms. In her latest works, Carlsson’s physical engagement is more clearly visible than before. The works are executed using a combination of brushes, rags, and the artist’s hands. Accentuating contrasts, her paintings have a rawness tempered by glimpses of sublime beauty. Carlsson wants her paintings to have a visceral impact. They are two things at once: hyper-realistic close-ups of soil, moss, and branches, and also expressionistic studies of color, occupying a space halfway between the worlds of nature and painting.


Carlsson graduated from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in Sweden. She has exhibited at venues including Bonnier’s Kunsthalle in Stockholm, Karlskrona Kunsthalle and Malmö Kunsthalle. Her work is found in the major Nordic collections including Aalto University, Västerbottens Museum, and Blekinge Museum. The artist is based in Kallinge, Sweden.

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