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Petra Hultman

The Domestic Services Bureau


April 5–May 12, 2019

Petra Hultman
The Domestic Services Bureau, 2019

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Petra Hultman: The Domestic Services Bureau

Galerie Forsblom Stockholm

April 5–May 12, 2019
Opening in presence of the artist, April 4, 5–7pm



In the exhibition at Galerie Forsblom, artist Petra Hultman appropriates the premises with The Domestic Services Bureau, a new performative work based on a dialogue with the artist. For certain time slots during the exhibition, the artist will be present in the role of an administrator to dispense domestic services to visitors. Hultman’s work revolves around the notion of identity and the relation between time, work and value. In this exhibition she continues to examine the work that historically and today, predominantly is performed by women, namely the chores in the confinement of the home. 


Those employed by The Domestic Services Bureau during the 1940’s and 60’s, were educated in the profession in the service of the Swedish Welfare State. Through public subsidies, they could offer their services in homes where the mother, due to illness, overwork or for other reasons, needed help with housework and children. With the domestic caretakers at hand, the traditional family was going to be saved, the housewives could be guided, the birth rate increase and the economy as a whole strengthened.


When The Domestic Services Bureau now reopens its office, this time at Galerie Forsblom in Stockholm, the public is welcome to apply for assistance in their home. A domestic services official will be present between 2–6 pm, Tuesdays to Thursdays. (Closed during the Easter holiday between April 16–18).


Petra Hultman (b. 1983) has been exhibiting actively since graduating from the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm in 2017. In conjunction with receiving the Becker’s Art Award in 2018, her work was presented in a solo exhibition at Färgfabriken, Stockholm. Hultman has been the recipient of grants from the Anna-Lisa Thomson Memorial Foundation and the Swedish Art Grant Committee. Her work has been exhibited at museums including Göteborgs Konsthall, Gothenburg and Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala, Sweden. This is Hultman’s first exhibition at Galerie Forsblom. 


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