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Bernar Venet's retrospective at Tempelhof Flughafen, Berlin

January 29 – May 30, 2022

Berna Venet

Photo: Daniel Biskup, Courtesy: Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur Bonn © Bernar Venet, ADAGP 2022

Bernar Venet: 1961 – 202, 60 years of performance, paintings and sculptures.

Tempelhof Flughafen, Berlin

January 29 –  May 30, 2022


The Venet exhibition is the largest and most comprehensive retrospective of the French artist worldwide to date. It encompasses his entire complex and wide-ranging oeuvre as a sculptor, painter, performance artist as well as a radical conceptual artist. The exhibition brings together over 150 works that reflect the artist's uncompromising, almost obsessive approach to constantly reshaping his environment through art. The impressive retrospective will be shown in the large hangars 2 and 3 of Berlin's former Tempelhof Airport.


Bernar Venet bridges the dichotomy between mathematical precision and natural chaos. Known for his dynamic steel sculptures and arches, which play with gravity and three-dimensionality, Venet is regarded a pioneer in minimalist, conceptual sculpture. As a key player in the conceptual art movement of the 1960s and 1970s, Venet evolved a new aesthetic with steel as his medium and mathematic configurations as his subject.

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