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Hans Andersson at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm's interview with Hans Andersson:


- Describe your art in three words: 
'To let go. It describes the work process more than the finished work. I would like to avoid definitions of the artwork in itself.'


- What does your work process look like? 
'It's an intuitive process where I let the work itself show the way. I reject stories in my work, which can be highlighted by the fact that I never entitle works or exhibitions. Materials and objects, both in the form of memories, tanks, paper, silver chains, photographs, etc., are observed with curiosity. Then the process can happen in an act of presence and in a form of community.'


- What are you inspired by?
'From the inspiration in itself. To see something familiar in something strange or foreign, or something already familiar in which I can see something new. I am inspired by all the things I have gathered in my studio. I'm a collector of books, junk, stuff. During recent years, texts by Isak Syrians, Simone Weil, Merleau-Ponty, and Husserl have been important. Hermeneutics, phenomenology and mysticism.' 



Andersson is currently showing in a group exhibition at the Fenberger House in Nagano, Japan.

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