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Interview with Jacob Hashimoto

Collapsing Symmetries and the Hopeless Flaw of Itself

Jacob Hashimoto, 'Collapsing Symmetries and the Hopeless Flaw of Itself', 2018

Hashimoto’s works consist of thousands of small paper kites, made from materials such as paper, string and bamboo and arranged in overlapping layers. The works and installations are vibrating with color, shape and patterns in a dialogue between painting and sculpture.

– When you started working as an artist, you started out with paint, brush and canvas. What was the starting point to go into three-dimensional objects, sculpture and installations?


I studied painting, drawing and print at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This happened in the 1990’s and there was a movement in the broader art world to deal with sculpture in space and installation in ways that energized what, at the time, felt like a stagnated painting dialogue. I was looking at people like Jessica Stockholder and Ann Hamilton and other artists that were working in room-scale projects, trying to understand that work and the attitude towards that work.

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