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Kaarina onde vita camicie: Kaarina Kaikkonen in a film by Alberto Valtellina premier in Italy

November 19, 2023

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Waves of Life, Bergamo, Italy, 2023.

Kaarina Kaikkonen

The premier of a documentary by Alberto Valtellina

November 19, 2023


A day of celebration and sharing will be held to conclude the second edition of "Harlequin's Cloak", the theater and visual art project which saw the creation of Kaarina Kaikkonen's relational artwork "Waves of Life”.

The documentary tells the story of the unpredictable meeting between the Finnish visual artist Kaarina Kaikkonen and an Italian theater group, Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo, for the creation of a participatory work of art. Through the images of the meetings, the interviews, the stories, the practices of cultural exhange for the collection of the hundreds of shirts that formed the work and its complex construction. The film shows what the very long preparatory work was able to create or revive: relationships, personal memories, affections, exchanges. A triple portrait: of the visual artist, of the theater group and of the community that accepted the relationship.



Sala Galmozzi

Via Torquato Tasso, 4

Bergamo, Italy

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