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Kim Simonsson's moss giants on display on the Lasipalatsi square

April 29–October 20, 2024

Kim Simonsson: Wanderer, 2022. Photo: Kim Simonsson

Kim Simonsson: The Moss Giants
April 29–October 20, 2024
The courtyard of Amos Rex, Lasipalatsi square


The moss giants on display in the courtyard of Amos Rex, Lasipalatsi square, are the first works by Kim Simonsson to be seen outdoors in the center of Helsinki. The giants were originally seen in France at the lille3000 festival when the works took over the main street in the center of Lille. Now, the characters have found their way to Lasipalatsi square, from where their journey continues in the autumn to the forest of the Söderlångvik manor in Kemiönsaari, where they will settle permanently.

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