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Marianna Uutinen at Amos Rex

April 2–August 21, 2022

Marianna Uutinen

Marianna Uutinen

NaturNatur, 2018

Acrylic on Canvas

220 x 400 cm / 87 x 157 in


Marianna Uutinen takes part in a group show at Amos Rex

​The exhibition 'Subterranean' explores how artists have depicted the worlds beneath our feet through the centuries. 

​​Marianna Uutinen is one of Finland’s most acclaimed contemporary artists. Uutinen's art articulates space both through its presence as an autonomous physical subject and as something that straddles somewhere between subjecthood and objecthood – as if her paintings were spaces through which everything travels. The lively, shimmering surfaces are like stardust, sometimes recalling body parts or three-dimensional shapes that emerge as the viewer interacts with the painting’s materiality.

Subterranean at Amor Rex Museum in Helsinki

April 2–August 21, 2022

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