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photo: Ron Gorchov

Born in Chicago, USA 1930-2020 | Lived and worked in Brooklyn, New York, USA


Ron Gorchov, an uncompromising modernist, sought to accomplish the essence of abstract form with his paintings. The artist abandoned geometry typical to modernism and shifted towards a more biomorphic form. The patterns of the paintings resemble living organisms, and thus they describe the beginning of a certain formative state. These questions of form and existence materialize into works of art through the use of bold brushstrokes.


The saddle-like canvas replaced the traditional rectangular base due to the curved shape’s ability to catch the viewer’s absorption capacity faster than a rectangle. The paintings’ play with symmetry and asymmetry are all the more remarkable when the work and its associations allow for interpretation. Gorchov’s expression is free from the shackles of absolutism.


Gorchov’s works have been enchanting audiences since the 1960s, and he has a wide international following. Gorchov was influenced by post-informalism and abstract expressionism, and his paintings are included in the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Guggenheim’s collections, among others. 


Galerie Forsblom has been representing Ron Gorchov since 2013.

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