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Secundino Hernández - Artists -

photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Born in Madrid, 1975 | Lives and works in Berlin


Secundino Hernández is known for his expressive paintings that exude a youthful energy. He transforms the simple surface with strong, black, cartoonlike contours that are in stark contrast with the minimalist canvas. The color areas create a three-dimensionality that increases the impact of Hernández’s expressive brush statements. Proficient composition allows the artist to combine different elements towards a harmonious whole.


Hernández approaches his works from the premise of figurative expression; his paintings contain references to Francis Picabia and Joan Miró, amongst other surrealists. History, however, appears fragmented, its components concealed or scattered. Action painting is reminiscent of the spontaneous strokes and expressive color fields generated in the analytical process, wherein the artist makes visible the various stages of creation: the blend of colors and the cartoon-like borders are outlined not on the palette but rather directly onto the canvas. Radiating fascination with the creative process, Hernández’s work grounds the visual power of painting firmly in the present.


Over the last few years, Hernández has had numerous exhibitions at major art museums and in Europe's leading galleries. The artist's works are also included in several significant private collections, such as the Rubell Family Collection in Miami. Hernández graduated from the Universidad Complutense Department of Painting in Madrid, Spain.


Galerie Forsblom has been representing Secundino Hernández since 2010.

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