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Marjatta Tapiola and Heikki Marila at Laukko Manor

June 6–August 8, 2022

Marjatta Tapiola

Marjatta Tapiola, Kallot, 2022, photo: Jussi Tiainen

Marjatta Tapiola's and Heikki Marila's exhibitions at Laukko Manor


Marjatta Tapiola: Kallot

Since the 1990s, dozens of paintings on the skull theme have been created in Marjatta Tapiola’s studio, the best of the lot now being chosen for Laukko Manor’s summer exhibition. Also on display are totally new works made for the Manor’s rooms.


Heikki Marila: Apokalypsis

In 2016, Heikki Marila turned his gaze to independent Finland’s painful first steps. In this monumental series of paintings memories silenced by history are given a powerful voice and form.


Laukko Manor, Vesilahti, Finland. 

June 6–August 8, 2022

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