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Jenny Carlsson Grip - Artists -

photo: Per-Erik Adamsson

Born in Ronneby, Sweden 1984 | Lives and works in Kallinge, Sweden


Jenny Carlsson Grip’s paintings move in an underwood. They describe dense vegetation, where rapid and fiery – but meticulously placed – brushstrokes form twigs, tufts, and thickets. With intuition and composition, she uses a swarm of picturesque events to construct a dissolved order. Balance and rhythm there encounter contrarieties and crosscurrents.


The paintings’ sprawling lines of colour form glimmering veins barely perceptible in the earthy darkness. We find ourselves close to the ground, close to the roots. The thick saturated colours drip of cool dampness but also of steamy fertile soil. The paintings alternately describe matter and air, space and dust. Side by side with the dim darkness – where varied shades of brown, yellow, black, and greyish blue descend as a pattern of camouflage – lies shimmering, beautifully lit fragments. Maybe light flows out of darkness?  The Artist trusts in the capacity of painting to also accommodate emotional layers. Her paintings describe a condition as much as a place.


Jenny Carlsson Grip graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in 2013 from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in Sweden. Her works have been exhibited at Kalmar Art Museum, Umeå Art Museum, and at Malmö Konsthall. Her works are included in the collections at Aalto University (Finland), TIA collections (USA), and various private and public Swedish collections.


Galerie Forsblom has been representing Jenny Carlsson Grip since 2014.

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